Our Church

The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey

New Hope began its services as a “mission” in the home of Addie and Maggie Vine on Drift Street in Newark. Its first pastor elected was Rev. Jesse Williams from North Carolina and the church organized on June 2, 1903 and incorporated on May 1, 1918. The church continued to flourish and in 1908 Reverend Terry Redd assumed the pastorate and remained in that position from 1908 until his passing in 1936. Reverend CH Walters, assistant to Reverend Redd, became the pastor of New Hope on December 30, 1937 until his passing in 1966. Reverend Boyd Cantrell of Hopewell Baptist Church served as the spiritual advisor to New Hope while Reverend John Toler rendered his services by baptizing the New Hope candidates.

Reverend Isaac S. Cole of Atlantic City became the moderator for New Hope on September 26, 1966 and it was through Reverend Cole that Reverend Dr. Charles Everett Thomas was introduced to New Hope. Pastor Charles E. Thomas became the 5th pastor of New Hope on August 6, 1968. In 1993, after faithfully serving the people of New Hope for many years, Pastor Thomas began to plan his retirement. A few years prior, in 1990, Pastor Thomas had the occasion to hear a young preacher from Oklahoma City, OK deliver with resounding power and conviction, the unadulterated Word of God during a late night service at the annual National Baptist Convention. Pastor Joe A. Carter possessed the soul and maturity of a man many more years his senior, and why not, because by this time, Pastor Carter had been preaching the Gospel for 11 years. Seeing this young man possessed the tenacity to take God’s people to the next level of Christiandom, Pastor Thomas prayerfully called Pastor Carter to serve as his Assistant Pastor. This appointment in 1993 made history itself, as Pastor Carter became the youngest person to serve in the capacity of Assistant Pastor of The New Hope Baptist Church. Pastor Carter continued in that position until April 28, 1998 when he was installed as Co-pastor and then November 1, 2000 when, upon Pastor Thomas’ retirement, Pastor Joe A. Carter became the 6th Pastor of The New Hope Baptist Church.