Our Church

The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey

The history of this great church is more dynamic than we know. Two women, not blood related, were dedicated. Sisters-in-law, Addie and Maggie Vines were inspired by the Holy Spirit to start a Sunday School in 1902. (Addie was married to Maggie’s brother, Charlie Vines). What a profound accomplishment of these two women to start Sunday School, just 39 years after the Emancipation Proclamation and freedom from slavery. What courage they had to migrate from Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey to accomplish this great feat! Something divine was on the horizon.

1902 The New Hope Baptist Church started as a Sunday School by sisters-in-law, Addie and Maggie.
1903 The New Hope Baptist Church was organized.
1902-1905 Services were held in a store at 63 Summer Avenue; The first resident clergyman was Reverend William H. Tinsley. (Newark, NJ Historical Records Survey 1938)
1905-1908 Services were held in a store on the corner of Stone and Crane streets. Rev. John A. Jordan was the Pastor.
1908 It is believed that Rev. Jesse Williams became the Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church and Maggie Vines was the first lady. (Census Bureau)
1908-1910 Services were held in a store on Central Avenue near Lock Street.
1910 A building was purchased at 85 Sussex Avenue and was sold in 1913.
1913 The current structure at 106 Sussex Avenue was purchased. Active organization in the church were Sunday School, The Ladies Aide Society and The Baptist Young People’s Union.
1917-1937 Rev. Terry Redd, DD was the Pastor. He appointed the first trustees and incorporated The New Hope Baptist Church. In May of 1913 he led in the purchase of the current structure at 106 Sussex Avenue. He also organized the Senior Choir.
1937–1966 Rev. Walters served as Senior Pastor until his death in 1966. Accomplishments of Rev. Walters led in the mortgage burning and improvements of the church. He organized the Junior Chorus, the Willing Workers and The Young Peoples Choir. Other auxiliaries were the Missionary Circle, Floral Club, Pastor’s Aide Club, etc.
1954 Dr. Emily Cissy Houston joined The New Hope Baptist Church and organized the C.H. Walters Choir later renamed the Inspirational Choir. In a dream, the Lord gave Dr. Houston the musical arrangement for the 23rd Psalm.
1974 The Radio Choir (8am Choir) was organized by Dr. Emily Cissy Houston. Two years later they began broadcasting weekly on WNJR. Dr. Houston and the Radio Choir performed at Carnegie Hall with the United Negro College Fund Choir.
1987 In all the accomplishments of Dr. Charles E. Thomas, the rebuilding of the current edifice at a cost of $2,300,00 was the most mammoth occasion. The church had a grand march in to the new building in 1987 and in 11996, the mortgage was burned. The original façade of this structure, facing towards Sussex Avenue is that of the purchase made in 1918.
1993 Pastor Thomas called a young man named Joe A. Carter as his Assistant Pastor.
1998 Pastor Joe A. Carter was installed as Co-Pastor.
1998 The New Hope Baptist Church organized the first charter school in the City of Newark named New Hope Academy.
1999 Pastor Carter championed the organization of The New Hope Baptist Church’s 501c3 social service agency. As an agent for change, Pastor Carter’s efforts continue to have an expansive reach, providing resources for over tens of thousands of clients annually and supplying them with life’s basic needs.
2000 Reverend Joe A. Carter was installed as Pastor and continues to serve in that capacity. His many accomplishments include Evangelism Outreach, Shepheard’s Link, Soul Care and Encouragement, Youth Explosion, Women’s & Men’s Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Ministry of Financial Empowerment.
1966-1968 Rev. I.S. Cole served as moderator after Rev. Walters’ death. Rev. I.S. Cole recommended Rev. Charles E. Thomas to New Hope.
1968 Dr. Charles E. Thomas served as pastor until his retirement in the year 2000. 1969 the Inspirational Youth Choir was reorganized by Dr. Thomas. The choir consisted of approximately 200 voices with ages ranges 3 to 30.
2012 Pastor Carter established Operation Recovery Newark where he led the City of Newark to provide relief to over 150,000 people who were victims of Hurricane Sandy.
2012 Millions of people across the world watched Pastor Carter as he led the church and community cope with death and funeral services of Grammy Award Winner Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Also in 2012, he appointed Reverend Eunice Timley as the Assistant Pastor. Reverend Timley is the first female in New Hope’s history to serve in this capacity.
2014 Pastor Carter along with former governors, Christ Christie and Jim McGreevy created and led the Facing Addiction Task Force, a team of experts to fight addiction through treatment and prevention. The Facing Addiction Task Force has served as the catalyst for the development of reforms and provide critical input for treatment-related initiatives.
2018 The New Hope Baptist Church celebrated Pastor Carter’s 25th Pastoral Anniversary. He continues to lead the church as A Family committed to Preaching and Teaching the Word of God; Growing in Grace; Healing the Broken; Caring for Our Community and the World.