Our Pastor

Pastor Joe A. Carter was born on August 25, 1970. At the age of nine-years-old, Pastor Carter told his father of his desire to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and on Sunday, March 16, 1980, he preached his initial sermon from Genesis 1:1; entitled “The Magic of God.”

Pastor Carter’s family relocated to Waukegan, IL and it was there that word of Pastor Carter’s preaching gift brought him to the attention of well-known pastors and preachers. At the age of 21, Pastor Carter was preaching the late night services at the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A. Inc. and it was here in 1990 that Reverend Dr. C.E. Thomas, then pastor of The New Hope Baptist Church; discerned the Spirit of God working in this young preacher.

In 1993, Pastor Carter was called to serve as the Assistant Pastor of The New Hope Baptist Church, a position he held faithfully until April 26, 1998, when he was installed as Co-Pastor. Pastor Joe A. Carter became the Pastor of The New Hope Baptist Church on November 1, 2000; the youngest pastor in the church’s 118th history.

Pastor Carter began his ministry by sharing the Word of God across the United States, influencing the lives of many in need of Jesus Christ. God has blessed the gift that some thought was “just a phase” to transform the hearts of many for over 30 years.

In the 27 years Pastor Carter has been united with The New Hope Baptist Church, he has proven himself as one used by God to guide, provide, protect, and shepherd the spiritual lives of God’s people. Under Pastor Carter’s tutelage, he has worked tirelessly as an advocate for cohesive change within the community and religious sector by developing and organizing Christian Leaders for Community Empowerment (CLCE), a collaboration of area pastors who are concerned with the state of our communities.

Pastor Carter believes the problem with our communities, our nation, and our world could be solved if we addressed the immediate and long-term needs of our children, who are the precious fruit of today and our hope for a brighter tomorrow.